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Suit Tips

Figure Posing Suit Tying Tips

Just in case you don't know how to tie your figure posing suit, I will explain. Obviously, it ties at the neck. Don't tie this too tight. If your breasts are showing out the bottom of the top you've tied it too tight at the neck.

The tie at the bottom edge of the top criss-crosses in the back and the ends slip through the loop in the bottom with the help of the safety pin. Tie them tight with double knots so they don't untie. On the day of the competition cut the tie, leaving a tail of about 2-3 inches. The more string you have to work with the easier it is to tie and untie your suit. Just tuck the tail into the back of your bottom. The tail can also be glued into place so it doesn't slip out.

Use tying your top to the bottom to get the sides of your bottoms where you want them on your waist. Try to have it even with your navel. The higher the sides on your bottom, the better. It can give you the illusion of having longer legs and/or an actual waistline. You DO NOT want your suit to cut you in half. The tighter this strap is tied the more snug it will fit under your breasts also.

Another thing you can do – once you have the top positioned where you want it, you can take a needle and thread to tack the bottom edge of the top in place by stitching the center and outside corners to the strap. This will keep the top from sliding out of place.

Making the Bottom Fit Properly

Make sure you do not pull the back up too high on your waist. The back waist should sit low off of your waist. If you pull the back up too high the rest of the back of the suit will droop or pull funny. The seam in the crotch should NOT be further to the back. It should be close to center or even a tad closer to the front. If that seam is in the right place your suit bottom will fit perfectly.

Gluing Tips

Gluing is mostly for bodybuilders. Figure and Fitness competitors really shouldn't need to glue their suits in place. Bodybuilders are much more active on stage and can't be pulling their suits back in place. Some bodybuilders feel comfortable enough to not glue at all.

You can glue all three sides of the top. It will keep anything from popping out that you don't want popping out. Just a few less things to worry about. On the bottom, you will want to glue it to your cheeks.

The best thing to use is Bikini Bite or some other kind of swimwear roll on glue. Do a test spot on your skin to make sure you don't have an adverse reaction to the glue.

To apply the glue have someone help you. You can flip the edge of the suit out and the other person can roll the glue right onto your skin. Press the suit in place and hold for a few minutes. Remember, once you've glued your bottom in place you don't want to remove your bottom again. So, make it the last thing you do and make that last "pit stop" before you glue your bottom.

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Posing Suit Tips For Men

Men's suits should fit high on the hip. This gives your body the "V" shape the judges are looking for. DO NOT LET YOUR SUIT RIDE LOW ON YOUR HIPS. By letting your suit go straight across your body, it will cut you in half. This is not the look you want. Your suit should fit in your "pelvic groove". If it doesn't stay in place it may mean that your suit is not the correct size.

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bodybuilding posing suits